Ruffwear Dog Boots Grip Trex (2 Boots)

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What we've learned from 15 Years of selling Dog Boots

Ruffwear Dog Boots go the extra mile. Often customers tell me often that they tried other dog boots first and the boots fell off, wore out or just plain didn't do the job. Ruffwear are not the cheapest boot on the market... BUT... with Ruffwear you get a super comfy, super durable, well fitting and breathable boot. That's not done on the cheap.

🐕 We've been been kitting Aussie dogs out in Grip Trex Dog Boots since 2006

That's a HECK of a LOT of DOG BOOTS. You might be quite surprised at the demand for dog boots here in Australia. I know you are on this page for a reason but have you ever seen dogs out and about wearing boots? Maybe not. You might think you are the only one needing them. Not. The. Case!

Individual dogs require boots for many different reasons .

  •  ⚡ Provide traction for dogs who slip or can't stand
  •  ⚡ Help for dogs with arthritis
  •  ⚡ Protect paws on hot pavement and rough terrain
  •  ⚡ Protect paws from grass seeds and bindis
  •  ⚡ Protect wounds while healing
  •  ⚡ Protect cracked paws while healing
  •  ⚡ Prevent paw contact with allergens
  •  ⚡ Protect paws that get dragged
  •  ⚡ Protect service and working dogs' paws
Waggle Boots FAQs

Built on an anatomical mold just like human shoes

Ruffwear revolutionized dog boot design when they came out with the Grip Trex Boots featuring an upper inspired by human shoes and a high performance Vibram sole. 

The Grip Trex Boot's upper maintains a consistent size, shape, and fit. The wide gusseted mouth ensures the boots are easy to put on, and a velcro strap makes them easy to secure. These boots provide continued comfort and a great fit.

🙌 HALLELUJAH these boots STAY ON!

Grip Trex Boots have a closure system combining hook-and-loop with hardware, cinching around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg to provide a secure fit. And the answer to the million dollar question is... Yes! Provided you have the right size these boots stay on.

💪 Unequaled grip, traction, durability and performance.

For the sole Ruffwear partnered with Vibram, the world's leading developer of soles for human active sports shoes, to produce the Grip Trex sole design with omnidirectional treads and traction zones customised to the demanding needs of dogs. This sole is is impenetrable to even the nastiest bindis and grass seeds Australia can muster up.

👮 #1 Choice for Australian Army, Australian Police and Guide Dogs

Worn by Australian Police Dogs, Australian Military Canine Units, all the Guide Dogs in Australia, and working dogs across Australia and the rest of the world, these dog boots are practical no nonsense footwear for active dogs and working dogs alike. They protect the dog's paw pads from broken glass, hot bitumen and concrete footpaths as well as thorns and bindies. They are also very effective in protecting against contact allergies.

2️⃣ Grip Trex Boots are sold in pairs of 2 boots

But why? Frequently back paws are smaller than front paws. To ensure a proper fit it's important to measure one of your dog's front paws and one back paw. We sell the boots in pairs of 2 to draw attention to this paw size difference and allow for the best fit for all four paws. Not all dogs have front paws which are larger but it's vital to check this before ordering 4 boots of the same size. Never assume paw size is based on your dog's overall size...make sure to measure using the easy directions below.

Grip Trex Boots Features

  • ⚡ Bindi proof sole
  • Protects your dogs’ paws from extreme heat and rough surfaces
  •   Prevents grass seed injuries
  • ⚡ Tightly woven air mesh is breathable while keeping dirt and debris out
  • ⚡ Vibram® non-marking outsole provides flexible traction on varied terrain
  • ⚡ Intuitive hook-and-loop cinch closure maintains holding power when wet
  • ⚡ Gusset design provides wide opening for easy on/off
  • ⚡ Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions
  • 🎯 Now let's get this sizing spot on

    Ruffwear bases their size chart solely on the paw width measurement. I have been selling these boots long enough to know that sometimes a couple of other measurements can really come in handy. I am more than happy to exchange your boots (or refund) provided the boots are still in new condition. But to make things easiest for you it's best we nail the size the first time.

    1. Stand your dog on a sheet of paper. With your dog bearing weight on a all four paws trace to either side of one front paw and then one back paw.
    2. Do each paw 3 times. Dogs are wiggly. That's a wonderful thing about them... except when measuring paws!
    3. Measure (in mm) the distance between the traced lines for the front paws and then for the back paws. Get your final width measurement for a front paw and a back paw by taking an average of your front paw widths and your back paw widths.
    4. Use the Paw Width (mm) row on the chart below to determine what size boots the front & back paws require. Do NOT add any extra padding for - anything including liners. That is ALL figured in.


    Paw Width
    Max Paw Circumference
    Length of Boot
    38-43 mm
    9 cm
    44-50 mm
    10 cm
    51-56 mm
    11.5 cm
    57-63 mm
    12.5 cm
    64-69 mm
    13 cm
    70-75 mm
    13.5 cm
    76-82 mm
    13.5 cm
    83-90 mm
    14.5 cm

    👍 9 times out of 10 the paw width alone gets the job done.

    But as we want to get you the RIGHT size the FIRST time I'm going to give you a couple other measurements that you may find useful if your dog has particularly chunky paws or particularly long paws.

    • For dogs with chunky paws:
      If your dog has quite chunky paws (appear almost square in shape ... Labs, Great Danes, etc) I recommend doing a paw circumference measurement. Just wrap a measuring tape around your dog's paw from top to bottom to top (see picture above) and determine the size boot mouth your dog's paw will require to enter. Do the measurement a few times and average. Wiggle factor, remember? Check your final measurement with the Max Paw Circumference that I've provided. If you run into a challenge just ring 0425 365 643 and I'll help you figure it out.
    • For dogs with long paws:
      If your dog has particularly long paws (Whippets, Greyhounds and other long pawed beauties) I recommend doing a paw length measurement. For this one measure the length of your dog's paw. Remember to measure more than once and average. Check it with the Boot Length Measurement that I've provided. If you have questions just give me a ring on 0425 365 643 and I'll be happy to help.

    🌳 Try your boots inside before going outside

    💬 I'm Zoe and this is Chewie. Your dog's comfort and your happiness are our top priorities. We are more than happy to refund or exchange any items as long as they have not been worn outside and are still in NEW condition. No questions asked!

    For best results pop the boots onto your dog and launch right into an activity your dog loves indoors. Reward your dog for good work done and do not be surprised to see your dog walking as if moonwalking. Most dogs adjust to boots in no time. Many become very aware at how helpful the boots can be for their issues and will be very happy to put them on. You might want to have your video camera out for the initial trials as it can be quite entertaining to watch.

    🧦 Do You Need To Get The Boot Liners Too?

    Ruffwear Boot Liners add a lot of value at little expense. Putting the liners on your dog is a snap. And once you have the liners on slipping the paws into the boots is much easier. All the digits of the paw are confined nicely and it's smooth sailing. They also provide comfort for your dog by wicking away moisture from the paw. Your dog sweats from the paw. It's one of the only places a dog perspires. The liners will reduce friction on the paws. You know the feeling when your sockless foot rubs on the inside of a shoe. Better to avoid.

    🫧 Toss them in the washing machine to clean 🫧

    Both the liners & boots can be thrown into the washing machine and will dry pretty quickly so you should be fine with one set of each.

    no worries ordering

    We know dogs are wiggly rascals!

    So measuring your mate can be an inexact science. If anything at all goes wrong with your order (sizing, colour, change of mind... whatever!) you've got absolutely no worries. Returns & exchanges are EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY at Waggle.   We're 100% committed to getting things right for you and your mate.
    Read about our returns guarantee.
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    About Us

    We are a small but mighty team dedicated to solving the challenges of Australian dogs. Located in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, we love dogs, camping and getting out in the great outdoors.


    Ring 1300 725 781 for friendly, helpful advice backed by years of experience with canine gear in Australia. 

    🚩  WE'RE 100% AUSSIE OWNED 

    Almost all our gear is kept right here on our premises & most orders are despatched the same day. We are the OPPOSITE of those big faceless websites who persuade you to buy in Australia but are really sending your gear from overseas.  


    Waggle is a worry free online shopping. If anything about your purchase doesn't suit, we'll make it right. You have 100 days to return your gear for an exchange or refund. We only want you & your dogs to have gear that you love. ❤️ 

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