Should my dog wear boots?

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Should my dog wear boots?

The sheer number of dogs who need and benefit from wearing dog shoes has got to be the biggest surprise we've had since starting Waggle. It's really quite a large number! We send dog boots out to customers every day and believe me, their dogs are not just wearing dog booties for fashion.

If you're new to this whole canine footwear idea you may find this all a bit odd. I certainly did when we took on Ruffwear's dog boot range. But then, when the enquiries started flooding in from people whose dogs were suffering from chronic paw related issues and allergies I realised just how vital dog boots can be in alleviating all sorts of canine paw problems. I've been a big advocate of dog boots ever since and we've helped so many dogs improve their quality of life.

Why do dogs wear boots?

Every day I receive calls from people referred by their vet who are looking for dog boots. I'll run you through the most common scenarios here.

  • My dog's paws slip when she walks and she needs help to walk on slippery surfaces such as tile or wood floors. Arthritis, hip displaysia and other chronic issues make traction a challenge, especially for older dogs. Dog boots can make a big difference for traction and give these dogs a new lease on life. 
  • My dog's paws are very sensitive and he won't walk on challenging surfaces such as grass with bindis. You may think your dog's a wuss, but we wear shoes when travelling on prickly or uncomfortable surfaces. Why shouldn't your dog? Dog shoes are great for this.
  • My dog has allergies which make the skin on his paws flare up and I need dog boots to protect them. Dog boots provide paw coverage which stops the allergens from reaching your dog's sensitive skin.
  • My dog drags her paws due to arthritis, wobblers disease, lameness etc. If your dog drags his or her paws dog shoes can protect the uppers of your dog's paws from damage and abrasion. 
  • My dog and I go mountain biking or running together and I need to protect his paws from injury on rough surfaces and bitumen. High speed travel over rough surfaces over a period of time takes a toll on paws. With dog boots your dog can keep on keeping on without damaging those paws.
  • My dog won't stop chewing on her paws and I need to keep them safe from her. If your dog has a paw chewing obsession dog boots can be a great way to hide those tootsies from your dog.
  • My dog has injured her paw and I need to keep her paw clean while healing. Pluto, my dog, is just about guaranteed to injure a paw during the first week of any vacation... usually a lacerated pad or broken nail. Call it Murphys Law. When she injures her paw the boots are great for keeping her injured paw safe and clean during recovery. I should just have her wear her boots during the first week of every vacation as then the injury would be prevented!
  • My dog walks on hot surfaces and I need to protect his paws from being burned. You wouldn't want to walk on 40 degree bitumen either. Enough said! Dog shoes.
  • I live in an area with snowfall and I need to protect my dog's paws from the extreme cold. Dog boots protect your dog's paws from the cold and also prevent little balls of snow from collecting between your dog's toes. If salt is used on the roads to clear them dog boots protect your dogs tootsies from that as well.
  • I bring my dog on my boat and she needs extra paw traction to prevent slipping on the surface. There's the traction issue again. Dog boots are great for giving your dog that extra needed grip for the job.

Will boots help my dog?

Does your dog experience paw issues or discomfort? Then there's a good chance that boots could make a difference. If you're unsure or want to have a chat about your dog just give us a ring on 1300 725 781 and we'll be happy to discuss your dog's individual situation. We'd love to help!