Getting the right size Ruffwear dog boots

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Sizing is crucial to the effectiveness of dog boots

When properly sized dog boots can be a awesome solution to all sorts of canine paw issues. But, if they're too small they'll be very difficult to put on and uncomfortable. If they're too large they'll flop around and fall off. But don't worry  if you've never sized dog boots before. I'll make sure you get sorted properly.

First: Don't estimate your dog's paw size based on body size!

Many people are inclined to just estimate their dog's paw size based on the size of their dog. This is a definite no no. Surprisingly some very large breeds of dogs have smaller paws while some smaller breeds of dogs typically have larger paws. Dogs breeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They're an incredibly diverse species. And individual dogs can vary quite a lot within their breed. That's why it's really vital to measure your dog's paws before ordering dog boots. We want to help you get the right boots for your dog the first time!

Ruffwear Boots are sized on paw width. Here's how to measure:

1) Have your dog stand with a front paw on a piece of paper. Your dog should be bearing weight on this paw that you're measuring. Dogs paws will be a bit wider when your dog is standing on them. It's important to get that larger measurement so that the dog boots aren't too snug when your dog is running in them.

2) Trace around your dog's paw on the paper. You want to trace as closely as you can to your dog's paw. We want an accurate measurement here.. not one with padding added in. Do the tracing a couple times as dogs can be wiggly. Then average your findings.

3) Take a ruler and measure the widest distance across the tracing of the paw you've done. We are looking for the paw width which is the widest bit of the paw. Dog boot sizing is determined by the paw width and not the paw length.

4) Have a look at your dog's back paws. Are they around the same size as the front paws or are they quite a bit smaller than the front paws? Most dog breeds have much wider front paws than back paws. Repeat the steps to take a measurement of one of your dog's back paws as well.

5) Use the PAW WIDTH MEASUREMENTS (top row) in the sizing chart below to determine the best size for your dog. When measured accurately paw width is generally the best indicator of size.


38-43 mm
13.5 cm
9 cm
44-50 mm
14.5 cm
10 cm
51-56 mm
15 cm
11.5 cm
57-63 mm
16 cm
12.5 cm
64-69 mm
17.5 cm
13 cm
70-75 mm
18 cm
13.5 cm
76-82 mm
21.5 cm
13.5 cm
83-90 mm
23 cm
14.5 cm 


9 times out of 10 paw width is enough to get a great fit.

However, I've been kitting dogs out in boots for over 15 years now and I've seen occasions where some supplementary measurements are helpful. Ruffwear doesn't include them but from my experience I've put together a couple of other factors to consider in cases where a dog's paw height is much higher than the norm (like a Great Dane) or the paw length is quite long (hounds).

Does your dog have really long paws or really chunky paws?

Then you might like to have a look at the other measurements I put in my table. Wrap a tape measure around your dog's front paw and then a back paw to determine the paw circumference. The MAX PAW CIRCUMFERENCE listed in the size chart above is the measurement of the circumference inside the mouth of the boot.  If your dog is in one size for paw width but the paw circumference is greater than what is listed as the MAX PAW CIRCUMFERENCE then you will need to go up a size. Likewise if the length of your dog's paw is greater than the BOOT LENGTH you'll need to consider going up a size.

Most of the time these other measurements are not needed but i like to include them in hopes of getting you the best fit for your dog the first time.

Just be sure to try the boots on INSIDE and you can't go wrong.

I want your dogs to be comfy. I want to solve your dog's paw issue. So, I am more than happy for you to take up some time to determine whether the boots fit properly. Up to 100 days in fact! Which should be way way more than needed. : ) If the boots aren't fitting as you think they should just give me a ring on 0425 365 643 and I'll help you figure it out. There is no issues with refunds or exchanges on boots provided they can be returned in new condition. Yes, you gotta clean the hair off. The trick is to do it with sticky tape. Anyway, just know that I am dedicated to making the whole process risk free and easy for you.

OK... Got the sizing! So now which boots?

If you're not sure which boots to get for your dog have a look at our guide to CHOOSING THE BEST BOOTS FOR YOUR DOG.