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Captain Canine

Wouldn't it be amazing to find pet minders who would not only take extraordinary care of your animals BUT also return your dog to you calmer and happier than before? 


W A G G L E   C A N I N E   A D V E N T U R E

Under the direction of experienced dog trainer Jess Roche (aka Captain Canine), Waggle Canine Adventure provides daytime and overnight care for all your furry rascals right here in the beautiful upper Blue Mountains. 

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Waggle Dog Daycare


📌  Are you going away and looking for someone to care for your pack while you're gone?

We're here to help! With an experienced dog trainer and communicator at the helm we'll be sure we understand what your dog is expressing and respond appropriately to his/her needs. You can guarantee we'll be reinforcing positive behaviour patterns and ensuring your dog is learning to display the very best etiquette. There will be heaps of enrichment to keep your dog stimulated and happy. And of course we'll be delighted to take care of your other pack members as well (cats, birds, dragons, etc...) 


📌  Finding it challenging to meet your dog's needs?

Help is here! Let's face it. Life is crazy busy. Sometimes we need to delegate to keep everything running smoothly. Let us provide your animals with the absolute best care if you are short on time or energy. 

A satisfied dog is a well behaved dog! If your hound is displaying undesirable behaviours it could very well be that your dog's needs for stimulation are not being met. Let us help you meet your dog's needs so you can come home to a happy, relaxed housemate.


📌  Visiting the Blue Mountains with your dog? We can mind your hound while you explore the sites! 

There's nothing better than taking your dog on holiday but you may hit some challenges if you want to explore incredible Blue Mountains National Park. Dogs are unfortunately not permitted to accompany you in National Parkland. Give us a ring on 1300 725 781 and book your dog in to Waggle Canine Adventure as needed so you have the freedom to see all the sights. We're happy to watch your mate while you wine and dine and make merry all night as well. 


📌  Get pictures & updates on the go so you can see dog from wherever you are! 

We know how much you enjoy knowing what your dog is up to when you're not around. (We have dogs too!) That's why we'll send you pictures and updates so you can be with your dog from a distance and feel those warm fuzzies. 


    ⚡ For Experienced, Reliable & Joyful Pet Care ⚡

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    D O G  S I T T I N G     S E R V I C E S 

    🚩  Dog Daycare - $55.00   4 hours of calm play with other dogs.

    • Includes pick-up & drop-off. Keep your dog in a positive emotional state long after they graduate from training.
    • We provide enrichment and continuously monitor your dog's experience, intervening before any escalation of undesirable behaviours.
    • Your dog will learn how to take a nap without concerning themselves with external distractions.
    • Your dog will learn to regulate his or her emotions and decrease negative reactions to the outside world. 
    • Your dog’s experience will end on a positive note so they can process and feel positive about their exciting day amongst other dogs, places and/or people.
    • Your dog will return home relaxed and satisfied 🐶

    🚩  Overnight Stay In Care - $100.00

    • Specialised pet sitting focused on reinforcing desired behaviour and growing your dog's impulse control.
    • Enrichment exercises will keep your pack mate happy.
    • We'll teach your dog to be polite and look to the “leader” for permission to engage with any stimulus.
    • You'll be able to relax knowing your pooch is relaxing too.
    • Your dog will be closely monitored to “positively interrupt” reactiveness and build resilience. 
    • Extra 1:1 time can be added to enhance your dogs satisfaction during a stay:
      • Outings/activities
      • Training
      • Snuffle boxes and games
      • Massage
      • Detailed behavioural reporting & care plan

        Go with ⚡ Waggle Canine Dog Adventure ⚡and come back to a calmer, more resilient dog!  🏆 

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