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Captain Canine

Break away from traditional concepts of dog ownership and feel a deeper connection with your dog. Hit all your training milestones and HAVE FUN with Captain Canine’s innovative approach to Dogs. 


Need some help with a furry rascal?  You've come to the right place! Life with your canine companion should be rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you are just embarking on a new life with a new dog or you've had your furry housemate for years, we will help you live the life you want and bring harmony to your pack.  

    • Got a new dog or puppy? Best time to start!
    • Think your dog is stubborn? Think again!
    • You want a well mannered dog when guests visit? No problemo!
    • Want to bring your dog to a cafe but can't imagine it now? No worries! 
    • You've already tried training but didn’t get results? We'll show you why.

    You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve with just 5-10 minutes a day.  Here's the strategy:

      • We’ll determine what training styles work BEST with your dog.
      • We’ll teach you the crucial art of timing: when to mark and reward.
      • You’ll learn to effectively communicate with your dog using body language and words.
      • You will start to recognise the warning signs of ‘over-the-top’ behaviours and always be one step ahead of your dog.



    • Pulling on the lead
    • Jumping up
    • Toileting in the house
    • Barking
    • Digging in the garden
    • Mouthing
    • Biting
    • Chewing

    And any other sort of waggly chaos you can name!

    🚩  W H A T   D O   O U R   C L I E N T S   S A Y ?


    ⚡ Jess rescued our family and pup from chaos and confusion. She is highly skilled, attuned, thoughtful and patient. We had a 9 month old pup, Whyla, two small children and were completely at a loss with how to manage. The whole family was growing increasingly frustrated and Whyla increasingly unruly and at times, aggressive.  Then we found Jess. She turned our world around. She taught us how to give Whyla what she needed and showed Whyla a new way to be herself, calmly. We are forever grateful for Jess in our lives and can’t recommend her enough!!! 
    Elizabeth Albergoni,  Leura NSW


    ⚡Jess has been such a godsend with the raising of my GSP pup Verona. We started her early with training and taught her the basics which has set her to be such a delightful easy addition to the family. Jess has also always been so fabulous with her dog sitting, letting me book her in last minute, and Rona is always so excited to see her. She’s felt like her Aunty. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for us Jess.
    💬   Kate Mulligan,   Leura NSW 

    ⚡ Jess is exceptionally smart, knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to dogs. Alfie is a small reactive and (was) very difficult to train. We actually thought he was a little slow (sorry Alfie). Having tried everything from advice from vets, YouTube clips and behavioural training books we asked for a recommendation from our dog walker. Enter Jess! After a few weeks Alfie is much less reactive, calm and turns out he's a smart boy! Alfie used to react to ANYTHING from lunging at other dogs, cars, garbage bins etc! It's so nice to him calm and happy on walks now and just taking in the environment.We only wish we knew about Jess when we first adopted Alfie Thank you so much Jess! ⚡
    💬   Erin Dobson,  Leura NSW


    But don't worry at all if you're not sure what you need! We ALWAYS start with a 90 minute Introduction Session ($180) to determine the best way forward. 

    During this session we'll examine your dog's behaviour and talk to you about your experience with your dog. We'll talk about your goals.

    From there we'll put together a plan with you. Sometimes the solutions can be more simple than you think! Sometimes more behaviour modification might be needed. Each dog is a unique puzzle and we love to help you solve the puzzle. 

    The chances are your dog wants positive changes as much as you do. So let's get started!

    RING 1300 725 781 to get started!


    🚩  B A S I C   T R A I N I N G

    Introduction  🛋️  90 min session
    Meet the Captain and start the amazing journey towards discovering what your dog is really trying to communicate. We'll discuss your specific goals and formulate a tailored training plan. You'll get light  training demos and practice correct timing and techniques. 
    Fundamentails  ⚓️  1hr lesson
    We'll work individually with your dog 1:1 to achieve your goals. And we'll provide you with the training techniques to communicate to your animal. 


    🚩  A D V A N C E D  T R A I N I N G

    Deeper Dogalogue 💬   120 min session
    Deepen your canine understanding & focus on what is being communicated by your Dog. Learn how to use detailed observation & critical thinking to determine the best responses & develop a clear language between you and your animal. Learn what makes your dog happiest and how to incorporate more of that to provide the best life for your dog. This will achieve even better behaviour as your dog feels understood. Bond like crazy-glue.
    Supreme Commander 🌬️  90 min session
    Accelerate your success by working closely with the Captain and your dog. Move beyond basic cues to training show pieces like fetching you the paper, playing dead or dancing with you. 
    Wolfpack Workshop 🪞   180 min session
    Family workshop to address all the moving parts in the pack dynamic. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. We will work with all members of your family for a fun, foolproof training approach. Get practical help and lasting results straight away. Let the captain be a “fly-on-the-wall” in your home and help you unbiasedly observe and decode the non verbal language being communicated within the pack  
    Dognitive Behaviour Therapy 🧠   90 min session
    Emotional regulation for a dog with over the top behaviours. We'll teach your dog to self soothe using Captain Canine’s unique resilience regime including impulse control conditioning and relaxation protocols.  


    🚩  E X T R A S  &  E N R I C H M E N T

    Happy Dog Happy Life 🪆  45 min enrichment class
    Simple and creative solutions to give your dog a feeling of satisfaction. Feeling satisfied can often be all that’s required to relieve the dogs agitation which is results in undesired behaviours.   


    Community Canine   🗺️  all day
    All day daycare with an outing. An enrichment day combined with a safe outing to different places to introduce or reintroduce your dog back into society & reinforce good behaviour amongst a small pack. The class will instilling confidence and grow your dog's resilience by providing new challenges to overcome. They'll feel like a winner every time!  


    Adventure Time  🏔️   60 min 
    Off leash | out bush adventure for easygoing dogs or community canine graduates  

    Joring  🛷   90 min session
    Specific training with high intensity exercise. Teaching cues; stop, wait, forward, jore, slow, left & right. Great for working breeds with high energy.  


    Demonstration Video  🎥  
    Using your own dog in personalised training videos. Let your dog the star of their own show    
    Animal Transport  🚕  Pooch can travel  


    🚩  H A N D Y  H O U N D 


    Handy-Hound  🧰  Handy services.
    Let us help you feel better about your home by removing scratch marks and chewed up furniture. We can repair damage done to your home and garden by your pet and prevent further issues. 
    Achieve quicker results with your training by designing your space to support the best behaviours. We can help you structure your house to better manage a reactive dog using Zen Dens, Visual Blocks & Barriers, Enrichment Playgrounds, Agility Equipment & Platforms, Custom Kennels & Crates, Zip Lines and Snuffle Boxes/Tunnels.


    🚩  Q U I C K   R E S P O N S E    S E R V I C E S


    At The Drop Of A Hat  🎩 
    A quick response to remove or calm a dog in a potentially harmful situation. Once the dog is settled and safe. We can work on changing fears into understanding and bring back your confidence by discovering the cause of your dogs behaviour. We will put measures in place to avoid these unwanted events in the future. I’ll teach you how to discover what’s going on for your dog, get a deeper understanding, predict and intervene before things escalate - Video calls can be an option and in some cases will work better to achieve calm without adding a new person to your dog’s environment - Additional fees may apply for home visits after hours.


    🐕  For both you and your dog! 🐕

     RING us on 1300 725 781