🎯 Sizing : ZenPet Recovery Collar



🚩 MEASURE  around your dog's neck where the collar would usually sit.

🚩 Then MEASURE THE NECK TO SNOUT. Measure  from the spot where the collar would sit under your dog's chin on the neck to the end of your dog's snout. 

🚩FIND  your dog's neck measurement in the size chart. Then compare your dog's Neck to Snout measurement to the Cone Length. For an effective fit the Cone Length on the chart must be longer than your Neck to Snout measurement. 

ZenPet Recovery Collar Sizes

Neck Measurement Cone Length
Small 20-30.5 cm 15 cm 
Medium 30.5 - 38 cm 20 cm 
Large 38 - 45.5 cm 25.5 cm 
X-Large 45.5 - 58.5 cm 33 cm 


🚩 THAT'S IT! You're ready to order!

If you have any issues with sizing (or anything else!) when you get your gear just let us know and we'll be happy to sort you out. 


Just ring ☎️ 1300 725 781 for help.

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