Shamus Volker the blue Heeler/Australian wired haired terrier featured in the Waggle Model Dog Gallery

Shamus Volker

  • age: 15
  • breed: blue Heeler/Australian wired haired terrier
  • hobbies: Chasing balls, laying in bed every morning, playing with any animals or tries too his best fiend used to be a cow.
  • worst habits: Demanding when time for walks, bossy, but he is perfect
  • future plans: More balls and squeeky toys and seeing my human friends

Looking good Shamus Volker!

Shamus Volker models a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler


A friend showed me this coat if it would be good for shamus as he collapsed with the heat rushed to the vet he is ok now, so have had him wearing his Swamp Cooler coat at home andwalking and he is back to his old self I soak it in the morning and he wears it all day about 4pm I just have to give it a light dampening again If you have an active dog like our little fur kid it is the best thing for them

Shamus Volker