Marley the Spoodle featured in the Waggle Model Dog Gallery


  • age: 15
  • breed: Spoodle
  • hobbies: Dinner, Cuddles, Smiling, being with Mum
  • worst habits: Pacing (dementia symptom), Believing its dinner time from 3pm and being demanding about it (I make him wait until 4) :D
  • future plans: Treats 24/7 and being with his people as much as possible (they have the flavours), Also to be around, pain free and happy for as long as possible... has just turned 15!

Looking good Marley!

Marley models a Power Paws Advanced Non-Slip Dog Socks


We love the Power Paws socks! They really help Marley with grip as he's lost strength in his back legs due to arthritis. He also paces a lot due to dementia so knowing he has support really helps, also cuts down the noise of his pacing on the floorboards in the house. Love them so much we got another pair so there is another set when one is in the wash.