• age: 6
  • breed: German Shepherd
  • hobbies: Chasing a ball, riding in the car to places to play ball.
  • worst habits: Having a tantrum if we won't play with her
  • future plans: To be able to run again once we know what is wrong with her leg and can fix it!

Looking good Jess!

Jess models a Ruffwear Dog Boots Grip Trex (2 Boots)


Our German Shepherd Jess has always worn down her back claws when she walks due to her gait, (cow hocked). This has always been managed by training her to walk on grass rather than paths, and going to grassy dog parks where she runs beautifully and doesn’t drag her back paws. Recently she has been lame on one back leg which has meant increased paw dragging, and the claws wore down further. I found Ruffwear Dog Boots on Waggle and bought a pair. Jess immediately seemed more interested in her walk, she’s never tried to shake them off, and stands patiently to have them put on. They are very well made. I just wish we’d bought a pair earlier. My tips – make sure they are securely fastened. (I sometimes have to readjust them a little after she has done a few steps), check for hot spots in case they rub (I found a little hot spot on one toe), if they get wet, stuff with strips of newspaper as you would with your own runners.