Free your dog from the dreaded cone!

3 Comfortable Alternative to the Cone of Shame

Recovery can be the most painful part of an injury for your dog

Big plastic cones are cumbersome. They make loud noises and scare your dog when your dog bangs into things. Forget eating & drinking and being in natural positions! And you know that the cone will be hitting into your legs and wacking the cat too.

Imagine attempting to recover with all that plastic around your head! Luckily there other more comfortable options available. Have a look at the 3 recovery protection solutionss below and let your dog recover more easily.





1. ZenPet Soft Recovery Collar

PROS: Soft, flexible, waterproof & durable material in the shape of a cone, the Soft Recovery Collar (previously called the ProCone) allows your dog to relax in natural positions. It's very breathable and the material is quite pliable so your dog can get super comfy. She'll be able to rest her head, eat and drink comfortablly and sleep easily. There are no sharp edges to irritate your dog’s skin. It's sturdy yet flexible. The cone itself is adjustable and fully machine washable.

TIPS FOR USE: The Soft Recovery Collar works to stop your dog from licking an injury on ANY part of the body - as long as the cone is long enough to extend just beyond the end of the snout. It's vital that you do a Neck to Snout measurement (distance from where you dog’s collar sits under the chin all the way up under the chin to the end of the snout) as well as a Neck measurement (around where your dog wears a collar). BOTH measurements are essential to choose the right fit.  The collar must be longer than the snout. If you use both measurements you’ll have a very comfortable and effective recovery collar.

ProCone Recovery Collar"Relief! Our Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog had a sore on her paw treated months ago. On went the E collar. Thus the canine nightmare started. She bumped and clumped her way through the house. It impeded her during walks around our rural block. We took it off when she fed. We took it off when she just looked so miserable that we let her have supervised times without it. And, because she has to lick, investigate and action, action, action....if we left her wthout the collar for a half second, she had licked the sore back to Square A. We got to know Square A very well. We looked on the internet for alternatives. We tried to invent alternatives. She was depressed. We were depressed. Then. I must have googled a different search because up came this collar. It was immediately ordered, despatched, and our house has returned to normal because this collar is so good, it is almost as if there was no collar on her. The sore is healing because we haven't felt the need to take it of for even one minute! Wish we had known about it heaps earlier........." Jane M, HUMPTY DOO NT

"The ProCone soft collar is so much better than the stiff plastic one we had from the vet. Our dog is comfortable and happy in it, negotiates stairs with ease, and seems unconcerned that she can't see through it. We just make sure we talk to her if approaching from behind so she is not startled. I'd recommend it." Dallys, Forde ACT



ProCollar Recovery Collar

2. ZenPet Inflatable Protective Collar

PROS: Durable inflatable collar which doesn’t restrict your dog’s vision or comfort. Soft & comfy like a neck pillow, the Inflatable Protective Collar (previously the ProCollar) can protect your dog’s injuries without restricting your dog’s vision at all or preventing your dog from reaching his bowl and water.

TIPS FOR USE: The ProCollar is best for preventing your dog from licking injuries on your dog’s forward to mid section. With stitches on the hind quarters or back legs you might need to consider another option as your dog may be able to reach these areas. Also, dogs with very long snouts may be able to reach more areas than others. (As with any of our products, if you give one a go & it doesn’t keep your dog away from the critical areas we’re more than happy to refund you.)

"We bought the ProCollar Inflatable Collar for our dog for recovering from knee surgery (to stop him licking his leg). It's great. Very easy to put on and off the dog. He can't remove it. I was worried my dog (a Jack Russell) would find a way to bend it or squash it, but he can't. The sizing chart was easy to use and accurate. The cover can be removed from the inflatable insert for cleaning. It's pretty compact so he can wear it while confined in crate. He also has easy access to food and water bowls without having to remove or adjust the collar. Also the collar doesn't block much of his frontal or side vision." Helen , East Ballina NSW

"I was extremely happy with this product for my maltese x. She initially came home from the vet wearing the dreaded cone of shame and refused to eat or drink water. As soon as I swapped it for the ProCollar, her mood immediately changed and she returned to her happy self. I would highly recommend this product, it not only stopped my little girl from scratching at her wound, but it also assisted in making her recovery as smooth as possible. " Nic, Paddington QLD



Suitical Recovery Suit


3. Suitical Recovery Suit

PROS: Breathable, lightweight, 4 way stretch fabric suit that keeps your dog’s injuries covered & safe. Probably more comfortable than any type of neck collar could possibly be. Streamlined, breathable and stretchy. If your dog has skin sensitivities, hotspots or allergies the Recovery Suit provides excellent body coverage as well. It prevents damage from scratching and biting and also greatly limits contact with allergens. Air can circulate a wound and keep the area dry.

Suitical Recovery SuitTIPS FOR USE: The Suitical Recovery Suit is fantastic for preventing your dog from getting at injuries on the core body. The suit doesn’t have leg coverage so if you’ve got a paw or lower leg issue you’ll be better with one of the other options above.

This was a saviour after my whippet had her surgery. She is a houdini when it came to the ecollars. In the suitical she was comfortable and didn't touch her stitches.- Elizabeth Davis, Maroochydore QLD

This Suit is really Great, I knew Pumpkin would chew her stitches after surgery and this really saved us much stress. Its really comfy for her and she has been happy wearing it. Thanks Waggle for the fast service, It arrived in time! - Alison Paul, Daylesford VIC




3. Suitical Recovery Sleeve

PROS: This is definitely the most comfortable option for any front leg injuries that need to be covered. You can't beat the streamlined coverage. Your dog will have freedom to eat & drink, free range of motion and no visual obstruction. Breathable, lightweight, stretch fabric suit that keeps your dog’s injuries covered & safe.

You can definitely use it for skin sensitivities, lick granulomas, hotspots or allergies on the legs. It prevents damage from scratching and biting and also greatly limits contact with allergens. Air can circulate a wound and keep the area dry.

TIPS FOR USE:The Suitical Recovery Suit is fantastic for preventing your dog from getting at injuries on the core body. The suit doesn’t have leg coverage so if you’ve got a paw or lower leg issue you’ll be better with one of the other options above.Suitical Recovery Sleeve

"My dog couldn't control licking his front leg. He'd lick it until it became a granuloma. Then it would bleed. I used everything from socks, taped with paper tape, the collar of shame (didn't work plus he hated it) and also the spray the vet gave me to discourage his licking. I'd recommend this to anyone who has this problem with their fur babies. And you can use it on either leg. The sleeve fit nicely and didn't cut off circulation although it took me a couple of weeks to figure how to get the snaps that go around his chest to fit. Duh! This is fantastic!!! - Cameron

I've been battling a hot spot/granuloma on one of my labs using a cone of shame and/or bandaging - all have been inconvenient. This sleeve is amazing! He's left the spot alone, it doesn't get in the way like the cone and it's so easy to use! - Heather


If you'd like to chat about which solution will work best for your dog just give us a ring on 1300 725 781 and we'd love to help. As always, if you have any issues with any of our products come back to us and we'll sort you out. : )